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AutoMax provides dealers with fresh, committed, well-trained salespeople with no bad habits, in your market, fast with our proven, cost-effective, turnkey salesperson recruiting and training program! 

  • Cut your salesperson recruiting costs by as much as 50%
  • Attract the most qualified salespeople in your area
  • Improve CSI and increase repeat customers and referrals by hiring professionally trained salespeople
  • Lighten your workload by hiring professionals to attract, interview, screen and train your salespeople
  • Have confidence in working with the #1 salesperson recruiting and training company in the country

Industry studies have concluded that the combined cost of losing an employee and hiring a replacement can be as much as 200% of the position's annual salary.  AutoMax sales training can also assist you in designing an ongoing training program that will help you reduce your turnover and increase your gross profit.

Are you looking for an exciting, rewarding career?  Retail automobile or RV sales may represent the opportunity you are looking for.  These industries are dynamic and constantly changing to meet the ever-growing needs of a demanding, customer-focused society.  Additionally, these industries offer challenging, well-paying job opportunities for qualified and motivated people. 


Hello, Craig (Lockerd).  My name is Monique Porter.  You yourself trained me in 1998 at Executive in Wallingord, Connecticut.  I was assigned to the Mitsubishi store, and I had done quite well for myself.  After you finished our last training session, I told you I wanted to train.  At that time you said I needed more experience.  Well, it's 2005, and I am now the business development manager for Baron Auto Mall in New York.  I have had two management positions and two trainer positions since I graduated from AutoMax.  The whole time I've been in this business, I have been preparing to be a trainer with your company.  I will send you my resume along with a big "Hi, long time, no see."  Thank you for everything.  Your three-day class turned into a great career.  I have returned the favor for several recruits, because what you've done for me was life changing.

Monique P.
AutoMax Graduate

For the past 4 or 5 years we have used AutoMax recruiting, hiring and training processes to assist us with acquiring sales staff for our organizations.  We have found AutoMax to be very accommodating, flexible in both recruiting and training techniques, innovative in marketing approaches and overall an outstanding organization.  The trainers that they have recommended to us have been extremely professional and knowledgeable of the automobile business.  We would recommend AutoMax to all dealers needing assistance with recruiting, hiring and training based on our experiences.

Bob Garvey
General Manager
Big Two Toyota - Phoenix, AZ
Posted 12/7/06

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